Essay on Yoga

SSC CGL Descriptive exam, Tier 3 Essay on Yoga in English


Essay on Yoga in English

The word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit root word “Yuj” which means “to join”, “to yoke” or “to unite”.

Yoga is a path which leads to the harmony between mind and body. It also helps to connect the human mind with nature. Yoga is a powerful method to achieve human peace of mind.


  • The concept of Yoga was emerged in Indian continent thousands years ago.
  • The one who teaches Yoga lessons is known as “Yog Gurus”.
  • The lord Shiva is considered as first Yog guru or Aadi Yogi. He poured his Yogic knowledge into his seven disciples who are known as Saptrishi, than they carried this knowledge to different parts of world.
  • In Vedas Rig Veda is the oldest Veda and it also described about Yoga. But Yoga was developed as a systematic study in 2nd BC.

Indian Yog Guru

Yog Guru Patanjali

Maharishi Patanjali systematically described about Yoga through Yog Sutra and later on Swami Vivekananda make Yoga popular.

Later on many Yog Gurus like B.K Iyenger, Swami shivananda, Shri Yogender, Acharya Rajnish, Swami Rama, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya etc Yog Gurus make Yoga popular.

Now a days in 21st century Baba Ramdev, Jaggi Vasudev, Shri Shri Ravishankar are among those yogic Guru who are popularising Yoga in whole world.

International Yoga day

India recommended to United nation Organisation to celebrate International Yoga day to make people aware about the benefits of Yoga.

On the recommendation made by India, The United nation Organisation decided to celebrate 21st of June every year as International Yoga day from 2015 onward.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Now a days life has become very hectic and due to this hectic schedule human mind and body are becoming vulnerable to different diseases. Yoga in this situation not only solve this problems but it also make human mind and body strong.
  • It helps to bring peace in mind. Yoga Asana daily practice make body strong and flexible. It helps to make our body system immune.
  • Problems like anxiety, mental stress have become very common among masses. Meditation method of Yoga can easily solve this problem.
  • Those who have Sleeping problems they should regularly practice Yoga Asans, it will cure sleeping problems.
  • Pranayam in Yoga helps to control one’s breathe. For those who have heart problems Pranayam and different Asans can make their heart strong.

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